Mango widens distribution reach; ads Pick ‘n Pay to distribution mix

Published Monday, August 15, 2016

Johannesburg: Award-winning low-cost airline Mango widens its distribution network this week as the carrier launches its second new distribution channel this year. As from today, Mango flights will be available through select Pick ‘n Pay stores nationally as the retailer grows its travel portfolio and the airline adds to its distribution reach. Mango became the first airline in Africa to retail through supermarkets almost a decade ago and earlier this year launched its full inventory through global distribution network Travelport. 

Mango holds the largest distribution network and payment method acceptance range in the domestic market. “Accessibility remains fundamental to Mango’s business model and growth in reach, through the addition of Pick ‘n Pay to our network, will enable us to further penetrate our market,” says spokesperson Hein Kaiser. While the airline’s current strategy remains to consolidate given an oversaturated market and weaker economy, it plans to continue casting its commercial net wider. “At this juncture no network expansion is planned, but our focus is locked instead on extracting value from current routes through commercial activities and innovation designed to maximise operational efficiencies and revenues.” Growth in distribution is one of the tactical interpretations of the airline’s strategy. 

Fanus Smit, head of third party payments and ticketing at Pick ‘n Pay says that the addition of Mango to its travel portfolio is expected to stimulate growing interest in the retailer’s travel products and services. “Travel is a key ancillary component of our offering and the addition of Mango to our portfolio a key component. The airline is known for innovation, as a carrier for all the people of South Africa and a great brand match for Pick ‘n Pay. We expect Mango’s flights to sell particularly well and look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with our latest travel partner.” 

Mango’s launch through Pick n Pay is accompanied by several special offers available exclusively through the retailer.


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